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Amethyst Tear-Drop Bracelet
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Tanzanite & Multi-Crystal AB Gold Filigree Earrings
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Multi-Colored Pewter Heart WineStem ID Rings
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Sapphire & Crystal Aurora Borealis Gold 2-Strand Bracelet
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Pacific Opal & Crystal Aurora Borealis Elegant Gold Y-Necklace
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Aqua AB n' Crystal Fire AB2x Silver Scroll Double-Strand Bracelet
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Opalescent Swirl Elegant Silver Bracelet
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Swarovski Crystal Feather Earrings
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Victorian Gold-Leafed HeartWood Nymph Barrette
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Capri Blue AB & Aqua Crystal AB Silver & Blue Lapis Pendant Necklace Set
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Tanzanite n' Periodot Crystal n' Nouveau Mood Bead Silver Necklace, Bracelet, Earring Set
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Seagreen Silver Necklace w/ Aqua Shimmer Rivoli Pendant
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Sapphire AB2x & Crystal Fire AB2x Silver Double-Strand Bracelet
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Fire Green AB & Cyclamen Opal AB2x Silver Double-Strand Watch
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Elegant Amethyst & Tanzanite Crystal Gold Double-Strand Watch

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